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This short video explains what is on this website and what to look for. Whether you are looking for a new job, to change your career, or even thinking about self-employment, this video has practical down-to-earth information.

How to find the most relevant information for you

If you would like to focus on your mindset and confidence first – click here. Resources include: developing a constructive mindset after job loss, managing uncertainty, breaking out of your comfort zone and developing mental toughness.

If you would like a refresher in job search and interview skills click here. Resources include: networking for beginners, reformatting your resume, interviewing skills, plus how to find a job you are passionate about.

If you would like to change jobs or careers and want to know where to start – click here. Resources include: tips, strategies and worksheets to give you clarity and help you identify the best pathway forward.

If you are considering self-employment or a businessclick here. Resources include: becoming a consultant in your industry, defining your personal brand, discussing online businesses and tips to encourage you if you choose to be a business owner for the first time.

The full list of articles, videos and worksheets available in each category will be seen when you click the links above.

All the above is free. You may also like to consider, for a paid subscription of $5 per month (cancel anytime), access to our range of video series courses available only to premium members.

Video Series for Premium Members ($5 per month – cancel anytime):

The Gift of Gratitude: This 12 part video series will show you what the practice of thankfulness is, how to do it and why it works. This is a wonderful first step if you suffer from anxiety, tension or stress. To start today – click here.

Mindfulness Meditation: Mindfulness meditation has been successfully used by thousands of people to manage stress and improve physical and emotional wellbeing. This video course shows you the secrets of what it is and how to do it.  Twelve-part video course. To start today – click here.

The Empowered Life: Are you holding yourself back? Are your daily habits supporting you? Do you know your purpose and does it excite you? Being empowered means doing what you need to do to help yourself move forward. Ten-part video course. To start today – click here.

Make It Happen: The ten videos in this course are designed to clarify what your goals are and what has been holding you back. You will also discover ways to structure your planning and activities to start moving forward, make progress, and get results. To start today – click here.

Mastering Your Destiny: Do you need encouragement and resolve to make some important changes in your life? This twelve-part video series outlines some simple steps you can take to move forward, and may also reveal the barriers that are holding you back. To start today – click here.